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04.16.14 23:17
Josh, it did it again. It did not save the article that was typed

04.14.14 22:19
Jacob, at that time, the server had a hiccup when you were trying to save the article. IT should be working now.

04.11.14 23:17
Josh the article I typed in is not saving the message.

04.10.14 17:28
Is anyone else planning to go see Mark's booth at OneSpark? I'll be there tonight with a school friend.

04.06.14 06:19
Congratulations to Team Resistance for 2014 South Florida Regional Engineering Excellence Award sponsored by Delphi

03.28.14 05:36

03.24.14 02:08
Dmitri- See the link for event info; http://firstinflo.

03.23.14 16:28
Does anyone know the exact location that the Ft Lauderdale regionals are at? This is so I could invite friends that live in that area.

03.23.14 12:57
Please see the latest post with the link to the FIRST Media Consent Release Form

03.21.14 17:30
Is there a link to the FIRST Media Release Form?

03.17.14 17:48
Did anyone notice the other team with a Large Omega on their t-shirt?????

03.16.14 17:19
The Underground Chaos Central is now OPEN!

03.16.14 01:27
4 front is the name

03.15.14 17:19
I couldn't make the competition because of schoolwork, but good luck to those there! What's the robot name?

03.10.14 00:20
Adam Savage and Dean Kamen in one photo: https://twitter.c.

03.08.14 09:02
Hoorah button pressin' and go Team Resistance!

03.08.14 09:02
I will be heading to Orlando AND South Florida to volunteer for the 8th year! You guys are my vacation, because you guys are the most wonderful team to look forward to every year!

03.08.14 05:20
Correction: my email is [email protected]

03.08.14 03:14
Super excited to see all of yalls hard work pay off in less than week! Go Ohmer and see you all in Orlando Smile

02.21.14 23:22

Almost Completed Robot Pics

Todd Lovelace








Main Images: bottom_view_small.jpg



 Bottom View of Completed Robot.


Main Images: front_quarter_view_small.jpg


Front Quarter View of Completed Robot. 








Main Images: programmers_downloading_robot_code_to_plc_small.jpg

Programmos are making tweeks to the robot code. 


Wednesday Night (2-12-14)

Todd Lovelace


Robotogeeksters and Robotogeekster-ettes:



1.) After much research during the day by Jacob (the Weight Nazi) and Chief Geek and Jo-El, we have come up with the following plan for getting the weight off of OHMER 14:


a.) Changing out a steel air reservoir for a larger, lighter plastic storage tank (which stores the compressed air needed to operate the Fist of Death and the Snorfler Extender pneumatic cylinders. (0.4 pounds)


b.) Swapping out the two mini-CIM motors for AndyMark 1-stage planetary gearboxes with smaller motors. (2.34 pounds)


c.) Using the two mini-CIM motors removed in (b) above plus two more to replace the heavy Big CIM motors presently on the 4 mechanum wheel drive gearboxes.  (2.6 pounds for 4 motor swap-outs)


d.) Re-building all of the Ball Snorfler rollers (originally built with Schedule 40 PVC pipe with same-diameter but thin walled ASchedule 10 PVC pipe.  Also, taking the thin wall pipe and drilling 1 1/8" diameter holes.  10 rollers losing about 0.4 pounds each = 4 pounds


2.) We still have to add two cameras, the Stupid Yellow Light, and sign boards so don't cheer too loudly yet.


3.)  The Programmos downloaded first code tonight.  (We did warn them to go easy on the lines of heavy code as we are trying to keep the weight down).  After several hours of tweeking and testing, they have the robot almost ready to g. the wheels work, the shooter shoots, and the ball snorfler .....uh.....snorfles balls.




I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.....and it might just be sunlight, not an oncoming train.....


Be sure to read the website. We'll be deciding  where to meet on Saturdayon AFriday you best keep reading the website!



Monday and Tuesday Nights (2-10 and 2-11)

Todd Lovelace



Monday and Tuesday nights are a blur of the following activities:


1.) Trying to make a weighing scale work avcurately so we could determine how overweight we are. (5.5 pounds!)


2.) Wiring stuff. Wiring Stuff. Wiring stuff.


3.) Tubing up the pneumatics. Tubing up the pneumatics.  Tubing up thepneumatics.


4.) Blurrrrrr.


5.) Doing anything and everything to have the electrical stuff finished so the Programmos can get to download and test code.


6. Lightening everything we can think of to get the weight down.


TL Chief Geek

Saturday and Sunday (2-08 and 2-09)

Todd Lovelace

Hello Geeksters!


I returned from North Carolina late Friday. It's been pretty hectic since. 


1.) Conveyor belts and drive motors are all installed and work fine.


2.) The pneumatic cylinders actuate the Ball Snorfler just fine.


3.) The electronics are pretty much installed and connected.


4.) The mechanum wheels and gearboxes are installed and functional. The new lightweight aluminum gears and spacers are installed in the gearboxes for weight reduction.


5.) We're a bit overweight, how much we're not sure as our weigh scales are not well calibrated.  We hope to get the weight scale issue corrected monday.


6.) We may be in for some drastic dieting depending on what the weight really is.


We're in the midst of Crunch Time.....please be patient and wait for a task tocome your way.  Peace and quiet help the productivity in the shop more than anything.



Special Broadcast

Todd Lovelace

The Chief Geek will be out of town on family business this week.  The All Knowing Dave, All Telling Iz, and JO-EL will be operating the shop.


Please be sure to keep the confusion under a dull roar and be more considerate than usual - try to make suire thihngs go smoothly this week!  We're down to the line for buildingour BOT.....everyone work hard and smart! 


I hope to be back Saturday AM.



Saturday and Sunday (2-1-14 and 2-2-14)

Todd Lovelace

Hello All!   Things are moving along well.


For many days we have been making pieces-parts for many mechanisms on the Robot.  Saturday and Sunday we put a lot of stuff together and a whole lot of stuff is starting to fit together and the aluminum fram is starting to look a lot like a robot!


For the past few days we accomplished the following:


1.) Cut and fit Lexan plastic plate to mount the C-rio computer bboard, the power distribution board, the digital sidecar, and the Victor speed controller.


2.) Shop techs cut and drilled an aluminum plate for the little air compressor and mounted the air compressor to operate the pneumatics and fire the shooter.


3.) Jo-El located and tested a Banner optical sensor that will be used to sense when the ball is actuall trapped in the snorfler and moving up the conveyor.


4.) Shop techs cut and mill crew cut slots in aluminum plate for motor mounts for both the snorfler motor drives and gearboxes.


5.) Drilled and tapped the frame to install the Anderson battery connector.


6.) JoEl worked with shop techs to install pinion gears on the BaneBots motors and gearboxes, then soldered wires on the motors.


7.) Manufactured the pivots and clevis and clevis pins for the two pneumatic cylinders that raise and lower the snorfler bar.


8.) Manufactured two spare plates for the FIST OF DEATH.  Mill crew lightened the plates by boring round holes in the plates.


9.) The lathe crews turned down and fit sprockets for turning the snorfler rollers.


10.) Cut PVC pipe for conveyor rollers.  Cut PVC pipe caps into rings to make conveyor band retaining rings.


11.) Fabricated and installed the "tusks" that swing out and hold the ball up on the shooter fist.


12.) Tested the shooter with the new tusks. The shooter works great with the tusks.  We shot some high speed video of the shooter and you can see that the shooter hits the ball so hard that that one third of the ball is flat!


Bedtime for old geeks!!  TL CG

Thursday Night (1-30-14)

Todd Lovelace

Wednesday Night (1-29-14)

Todd Lovelace

Tuesday Night (1-28-14)

Todd Lovelace

Hello Geeksters and Geekster-ettes!


Tonight started up pretty slowly but escalated to a dull roar of activity.


1.)    After a few false starts over the past few sessions, we finally got the dimensions and shape of the Ball Snorfler arm RIGHT…..Practice makes perfect!

(The Snorfler Arm reaches out of the side of the machine and carries the Ball Snorfler roller that actually grabs the ball. It also houses the conveyor belt rollers that transfers the ball to the shooter FIST.)


2.)    The mill operator bored precision 1 ½” holes in two pieces of 1x2 thick-wall tubing to use as shoulder stubs.


3.)    We machined more reinforcing bushings that will act as a shoulder joint for the Snorfler Arm. These bushings were press-fit into holes in the 1x2 thick wall arms and then welded in.


4.)    The welded up arm assemblies were then put in the milling machine and the weld area smoothed down so they rides smoothly at the shoulder joint.


5.)    The two  pieces of the arm were welded together. All-Knowing Dave then mocked up the entire arm temporarily to make sure all of the dimensions were correct.


6.)    The shop techs cut 20 pieces of ½ “ diameter round aluminum rod to 1 ¼” long to be spacers for the four AndyMark Toughbox gearboxes that drive the Mechanum wheels. These will replace the square aluminum box frame that presently makes up the gearbox framework.  These aluminum spacers, when replacing the “box frame” will save OHMER about 1.5 pounds of weight we may need to trim.


7.)    The shop techs also cut various pieces of aluminum tubing and rod for the various projects.


8.)    The shop techs cut out two new 6” aluminum discs  from ¼” aluminum plate to use as spare parts for the FIST OF DEATH.


9.)    The shop techs counter-bored small depressions in the plywood bumper plates to allow the carriage bolts to be glued in securely as well as to make a nice, flush surface. Pool Noodle material was cut to fit each of the bumper pieces.


10.)  The lathe operator manufactured a spool that attaches the FIST plate onto the FIST pneumatic cylinder, then drilled and tapped it so it can screw onto the pneumatic actuator rod.




Monday Night (1-27-14)

Todd Lovelace

It was busy busy busy in the shop tonight.


1.) Dave and Blake cut and welded pieces for the ball snorfler frame.


2.) The Chief Geek layed out holes in aluminum angle for mounting the new BaneBot motor gearboxes that will run tiny wheels that guide the balls into the Ball Snorfler. Shop techs center drilled and bored the precision hole patterns necessary to mount the Banebots onthe aluminum angle mounts.


3.) Izz worked on various projects with the shop techs including building a small robot hauler dolly which fits on top of the OHAUL robot trailer.


3.) Matt "Guitar" Mueller fabricated another shooter cylinder bushing and a shooter fist for a spare shooter assembly.


4.) Blake welded the shooter cylinder bushing into a piece of aluminum tubing.  Evan and Josh milled the trigger slot and a flat spot on the top of the tubing.


5.) Blake welded the repair plates onto the welder chair.  Michael reassembled the welder chair casters.  Not related to building a robot but a necessary job that needed to be done.


6.) Joel assembled the CIM motors onto the Andy Mark transmissions and tested them.


7.) We moved the shooter cylinder back to it's original mounting holes and re-tested the shooter to ensure that the shooter is indeed capable of blasting a 24" ball thru the top slot and over the truss.   It is. 


8.) Many helpless PVC pipe caps were cut into strips to be used as Ball Snorfler conveyor roller guide rings by the shop techs.


It's bedtime for old geeks.   TL CG

Sunday (1-26-14)

Todd Lovelace

Main Images: fist_of_death_installed_1.jpg




Today we did the following:


1.) Completed fitting the trigger assembly to the shooter piston.


2.) Dave and the welders continued making pieces for the moving half of the ball snorfler.


3.) Mill crew worked on making another attacho to fit the trigger assembly to the shooter cylinder. They also made furniture for the mill vice.


4.) The lathe crew manufactured another shooter threaded bushing for a spare shooter trigger.


5.) The shop techs began cutting PVC rings to go on the conveyor rollers....they guide the polycord conveyor belts on the ball snorfler.


5.) Most of the evening shift was devoted to installing the shooter on the robot and shooting the shooter.....we spent much of the evening shooting and re-shooting the FIST of DEATH.  After about three shots the performance of the shooter drastically deteriorated.  What happened???  We checked shooter piston angle, ball position, tilted the machine to get more shooter angle.....and we kept loosing performance.  Finally, someone mentioned trying lubricating the shooter pneumatic cylinder by shooting some ATF (automatic transmission fluid) into the cylinder outlet port. BINGO!  The shooter started working JUST PERFECTLY!


WSHEW!  We were wondering what the heck happened to our shooter.  Pneumatic cylinders are designed for a certain amount of travel speed (piston moving down the cylinder) and we are FAR exceeding that the piston seal is "outrunning" the tiny amount of lubricant that the cylinder manufacturer assembles the cylinder with.  Adding a tiny squirt of oil restores that slippery-slidey situation and the shooter works GREAT!


Bedtime for old robot-rascals!   TL CG

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