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09.13.14 23:41
Robots! Robots!

09.13.14 21:59
I won't be able to come to the meeting tomorrow.

09.12.14 17:07
I am so ready for another amazing year at Team Resistance!

09.12.14 02:10
Who's ready for another wonderful year of robotics? Smile

09.09.14 15:56
and all of the other people too

09.09.14 15:55
Love you Todd, Dave, jacob, Will, Izzy, and Mark Grin Cool Pfft

09.09.14 15:53
Also I miss all of you guys

09.09.14 15:52
I will not be able to come for the next 3 weeks because of Sat class Grin

09.09.14 13:23
I will not be attending on the 14th.

09.03.14 22:34
Stanton Club Fair (Sep. 9) Make sure you guys wear your green shirts!

08.16.14 20:14
Does anyone wants my lime-green duck-taped Demonia running platform boots? Only been worn 8 times in its lifetime. Size is Men 10. Text me - (904)386-8334

06.07.14 19:25
If any team members applied for and/or received a scholarship from first, please contact me! my email is on here, thanks Smile

04.22.14 14:21
Jacob, for the time being, I recommend type up your news article on a Word Doc and save there, then post right away here. The Web Team and I will investigate deeper and see what's the deal.

04.16.14 23:17
Josh, it did it again. It did not save the article that was typed

04.14.14 22:19
Jacob, at that time, the server had a hiccup when you were trying to save the article. IT should be working now.

04.11.14 23:17
Josh the article I typed in is not saving the message.

04.10.14 17:28
Is anyone else planning to go see Mark's booth at OneSpark? I'll be there tonight with a school friend.

04.06.14 06:19
Congratulations to Team Resistance for 2014 South Florida Regional Engineering Excellence Award sponsored by Delphi

03.28.14 05:36

03.24.14 02:08
Dmitri- See the link for event info; http://firstinflo.

Attention: No Shop Sessions Until Further Notice

Todd Lovelace

Please be very aware that we are finished building the robot.


There will be no further regularly scheduled shop sessions.


We WILL be having a viewing of the second week Regional Competitions NEXT Saturday (March 8th ~1pm) (the Saturday one two weeks and four days from now!) for the driving team and those who are interested in seeing what the other team's strategy and robots are. If you wish to join us, you must RSVP prior to the viewing so ai have a clue as to what kind of crowd to be prepared for.


We WILL be having a button making party soon, details to be published on the Website soon.


We WILL have one shop session next week sometime for one or two volunteers to make a couple of spare parts such as the tusks and a spare roller or two.


Please continue to read the website as things (upcoming regional competition and travel info, button party info., other important stuff you might need to know.....)


TL Chief Geek

Work Sessions

Shop NewsStudents should be aware that this is the night the robot is sealed in the FIRST bag.. So no more work sessions. Until next kickoff

Monday Afternoon in the Shop........

Todd Lovelace

Hello Robotogeeskters!


So sorry for the people that couldn't make the robot de-bug and practice sessions this Saturday and Sunday.  I can't say it any more succinctly: OHMER 14 kicks BOT!  We'll leave it at that just in case anyone is lurking.



Just to let everyone know: this afternoon AK Dave and Jo-EL and I (along with AT Izzzz) (and Helen Wheels) managed to accomplish the following:


1.) Helen and Izzzzz nearly completed the new OHAUL mini-cart.  The artwork is wonderful, looks great with all of the team member signatures.  If you missed the Sat/Sunmeetings you lost your chance to get yer name on the cart art. The Chief Geek spent a bit o' time cleaning the four Mechanum wheel drive transmissions, re-lubricating the


2.) AK Dave spent all afternoon (and part of the evening!) removing PVC rollers, cutting new rollers from Schedule 10 (thin wall) PVC pipe to replace the SChedule 40 (thick wall) PVC pipe.



One week ago OHMER sat on the scales at a chubby  (no, OBEAST!) 125.5 pounds.   With the following robot modifications in the past week we have accomplished the following Robot Weight Watchers activities:


1.) Swapped out the steel compressed air tank for a PVC plastic unit with twice the storage capacity (more FIST shots !) which saved 0.40 pounds....


2.) We replaced 4 CIM drive motors with 4 mini-CIM motors for a savings of 2.08 pounds total.  The new motors are slightly lower in power but as was evidenced on Sunday, the change-out was easily adapted to by the driver team!!


3.) We replaced two mini-CIM motors that were driving the Upper Snorfler conveyor belt (the one that reaches out and touches the ball!)  and the Lower Snorfler (the converyor built into the machine!) with smaller motors and lighter gearboxes. This swap-out saved us 2.34 pounds by itself, and I humbly thank Jacob the Weight Nazi for the idea - he had it waiting up his sleeve when we needed it.


***** THIS JUST IN FROM SAINT LISA!   Keep watching the website!  (dit dit dit dit dit !!)  Regional Travel Information  Keep watching the website!   Button making Party to be announded!  (dit dit dit dit!!)  Keep watching the website!  Regional Lunch ordering info coming so you don't have to wait for hours inline and pay exhorbitant prices for garbage food. (Dit dit dit dit dit!)  (Keep watching the website!) ******** back to our regularly scheduled program...........


4.) Using dieting technology from the past, we changed out the Upper and Lower Snorfler rollers with lightweight PVC Schedule 10 pipe and saved a total of 4.06 pounds.


After the OHAUS weigh scale calibration fiasco last week, we finally got a good calibration on the OHAUS scale (the heavy rascal that lives above the big lathe!). We used the resurrected Ohaus to calibrate the big steel blocks (that live on the welding bench) and checked the bathroom scale calibration.  The twin bath scales together read about a pound high....but we're pretending that they are dead on so we have a tiny safety factor in our weight.  


Tonight JoEL and AK Dave and I put the newly trimmed down OHMER 14 on the newly calibrated bath scales.  Cut to the chase: OHMER weighs in at 119.2 pounds without considering the fact that the scales read a little high. It took a solid week of engineering, thinking, sweating, rebuilding the wheel drive motors with new motors, replacing Snorfler motors with different motors and gearboxes, and completely re-building the Snorfler conveyors to lose six pounds.


TEAM RESISTANCE is ready to bag the robot and end another fabulous build season. wouldn't hurt to say THANKS to the mentors that have spent hundreds of hours this spring with you making sure that we have a top-notch robot competitor to take to the Regionals and KICK BOT!


Bedtime for old geeksters.   TL CG


Todd Lovelace



REGIONAL COMPETITIONS are coming soon!!!


For those who have not yet been to a competition for FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) ... YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS EITHER COMPETITION!  




All FRC competitions are 3-day events. Thursday is practice day. Teams arrive, set up, go through tech inspection, pass weight and size check and, test robot on game field.


Seeding rounds begin Friday morning after the opening ceremony and continue Saturday morning. Before lunch on Saturday the teams which are ranked the top eight in seeding points choose partners to join their Alliance for the elimination matches after lunch.


Awards Ceremonies are held Friday and Saturday and the goal is to finish around 5:00-6:00.


Travel to each competition is handled differently.




Orlando Regional

March 13-15, 2014

University of Central Florida, Arena

9:00am-5:00pm approximately

Team Accommodations: Radisson


Team Resistance essential personnel only, i.e.: Todd-n-Dave, driver, co-driver, human player, Programmo and Jim-or-Bill will travel to UCF area the evening of Wednesday, March 12. Since the UCF/Orlando event is relatively close to home Team Resistance covers lodging for only  the "essential personnel." The rest of the team AND FAMILIES are asked to come down on Friday and Saturday. Please look at schedules and if you can come down and spend part of Friday with the team - great! If not, come for Saturday's events. We want the stands filled with green!!


TR has a block of rooms reserved at the Radisson with 9 of them available for families to book on a first-come-first-served basis. Cost is $127.63 per night and includes $5.00 for breakfast. At the moment these are reserved for Wed- Sat nights and are changeable. Hotel reservations have to be confirmed the 16th of February. So whoever gets a check to Todd or Lisa (made payable to Team Resistance, Inc.) we will include with the group block of rooms.


Our ORLANDO rooms must be confirmed with the hotel by Tuesday night!


THINK CARPOOL TO ORLANDO REGIONAL! ! CARAVANS! Talk to family and team members!




South Florida Regional

April 3-5, 2014

Great Fort Lauderdale & Broward County Convention Center

9:00am-5:00pm approximately

Team Accommodations: in process


Official School field trip paperwork required for Ft Lauderdale Trip, i.e. look for permission forms and medical release forms SOON. Sign up to begin this weekend.


Again, essential personnel will be in Ft. Lauderdale Wed. night.


Travel for the rest of the team is planned for either Thurs. night or Friday noon arrival in Ft. Lauderdale. To be determined after balancing finances and booking charter bus plus hotel.


Transportation and hotel cost paid in full for team members who have met 100% of build season work commitment. For any who might not have met the full commitment TR bases subsidy on percentage worked (if you met 50% of build season requirements 50% of travel is covered). This is not usually a problem but, just in case, it needs to be known...




All need to plan on food cost for both trips. We will most likely plan group lunches. Watch for further details.

Any and all family, friends, other relations are absolutely welcome!! If there is room on the bus family can ride down with the team. With arrangements beforehand, please!


Keep checking the website. All future details will be posted there.


Please direct any questions to Lisa.

email: [email protected]

phone: 904-733-3227

Saturday and Sunday Debug and Practice Session

Todd Lovelace




Co-Dictators, you need to spread the word by email, BM, Tweeter, Word o' Mouth, and even the tin-can telephone to make sure all students are in the loop!

OK, here's the plan..........

1.) Saturday is the day for hauling our stuff to JEA and setting up the arena, calibrating the robot programming to the arena. We need to have 10 able bodied humanoids at Chaos Central at 08:30 AM Saturday to carry stuff from the shop to the front yard and to load up the trucks. There is a ton of arena stuff to move out to the front. EMAIL me at [email protected] ASAP to let me know you will be there to help. If you have access to a pick-up truck it would be great if it could be there too.!

I will need the REST of the team (including programmos, inventos, animatos) to be at the JEA building at 10:00 AM Saturday to help unload and carry the arena, robots, tools, etc up to the CC4 auditorium where we had the kickoff meeting.  Wear SHOP CLOTHES!

We will operate, program, test drive OHMER until about 6:00 PM Saturday afternoon. All attending students will have the opportunity to drive/operate the robot if they wish. This is your only opportunity to try out so if you wish to have a chance to drive/operate/do the human player thing, well, Saturday is the day for you to make it to happen. At 6:00 PM all parental units need to be lined up outside to carry you home.

2.) On Sunday we will meet at JEA at 1:00 PM. This is the day to continue programming work, making autonomous shooting happen, and squeeze in final driver try-outs and hopefully make selections for driver, co-driver, and human player. If you have hopes of being selected as the driver/co-driver-human player you MUST plan to be at JEA to participate.

At about 4:30, PM Sunday, barring mishap with the robot that makes us stay later, we will begin arena tear-down and load-out to the pick-up trucks. We will clean up the auditorium and restore the seating arrangement as we found it. Again, anyone with a pick-up truck is encouraged to be present to make the job easier! We will be leaving the JEA building around 6:00 PM. At 6:00 PM all parental units will be lined up outside to carry you home. If all finishes up earlier, and it may, be sure that your parents know that you might need a ride a little earlier.

We will again need 10 able bodied students to follow the pickup parade back to Chaos Central to load off the trucks and carry back to the shop.


Note: We have the opportunity to use the Auditorium on Monday as it is a JEA holiday. If you are a thinking that you are a potential driving team member, pay might want to be available......hint hint.

3.) There will be time a-plenty during programming, debugging, fixing busted mechanical stuff, and practice that you will need to have something to keep you busy. Feel free to bring your homework, reading, or a quiet pass-time activity. You will likely be expected and asked to assist with various tasks during the day. Except for periods of general exhuberance during OHMER operation, I expect an atmosphere of quiet so the programmers can think and homework-doers can study.

Remember to dress for Arctic wasteland and Saharan desert conditions. It will either be too cold ot too hot. Be prepared for both.


Plan to bring a portable lunch of some a sandwich or a thermos of soup. Bring clean snacks and drinks.  Do NOT expect to be allowed to leave the building either day to go get food or snacks. It is not safe to wander or drive around downtown.


Also note: the JEA Employee Kitchen is off limits to TEAM RESISTANCE members except for the vending machines.  Restrooms are in a hall behind the elevator area. You are restricted to the elevator-bathroom-vending machine areas.


The Orlando Regional Trip and the Ft. Lauderdale Regional Trip will be discussed briefly with details to



Man I don't know about you but I am getting PUMPED!



Almost Completed Robot Pics

Todd Lovelace








Main Images: bottom_view_small.jpg



 Bottom View of Completed Robot.


Main Images: front_quarter_view_small.jpg


Front Quarter View of Completed Robot. 








Main Images: programmers_downloading_robot_code_to_plc_small.jpg

Programmos are making tweeks to the robot code. 


Wednesday Night (2-12-14)

Todd Lovelace


Robotogeeksters and Robotogeekster-ettes:



1.) After much research during the day by Jacob (the Weight Nazi) and Chief Geek and Jo-El, we have come up with the following plan for getting the weight off of OHMER 14:


a.) Changing out a steel air reservoir for a larger, lighter plastic storage tank (which stores the compressed air needed to operate the Fist of Death and the Snorfler Extender pneumatic cylinders. (0.4 pounds)


b.) Swapping out the two mini-CIM motors for AndyMark 1-stage planetary gearboxes with smaller motors. (2.34 pounds)


c.) Using the two mini-CIM motors removed in (b) above plus two more to replace the heavy Big CIM motors presently on the 4 mechanum wheel drive gearboxes.  (2.6 pounds for 4 motor swap-outs)


d.) Re-building all of the Ball Snorfler rollers (originally built with Schedule 40 PVC pipe with same-diameter but thin walled ASchedule 10 PVC pipe.  Also, taking the thin wall pipe and drilling 1 1/8" diameter holes.  10 rollers losing about 0.4 pounds each = 4 pounds


2.) We still have to add two cameras, the Stupid Yellow Light, and sign boards so don't cheer too loudly yet.


3.)  The Programmos downloaded first code tonight.  (We did warn them to go easy on the lines of heavy code as we are trying to keep the weight down).  After several hours of tweeking and testing, they have the robot almost ready to g. the wheels work, the shooter shoots, and the ball snorfler .....uh.....snorfles balls.




I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.....and it might just be sunlight, not an oncoming train.....


Be sure to read the website. We'll be deciding  where to meet on Saturdayon AFriday you best keep reading the website!



Monday and Tuesday Nights (2-10 and 2-11)

Todd Lovelace



Monday and Tuesday nights are a blur of the following activities:


1.) Trying to make a weighing scale work avcurately so we could determine how overweight we are. (5.5 pounds!)


2.) Wiring stuff. Wiring Stuff. Wiring stuff.


3.) Tubing up the pneumatics. Tubing up the pneumatics.  Tubing up thepneumatics.


4.) Blurrrrrr.


5.) Doing anything and everything to have the electrical stuff finished so the Programmos can get to download and test code.


6. Lightening everything we can think of to get the weight down.


TL Chief Geek

Saturday and Sunday (2-08 and 2-09)

Todd Lovelace

Hello Geeksters!


I returned from North Carolina late Friday. It's been pretty hectic since. 


1.) Conveyor belts and drive motors are all installed and work fine.


2.) The pneumatic cylinders actuate the Ball Snorfler just fine.


3.) The electronics are pretty much installed and connected.


4.) The mechanum wheels and gearboxes are installed and functional. The new lightweight aluminum gears and spacers are installed in the gearboxes for weight reduction.


5.) We're a bit overweight, how much we're not sure as our weigh scales are not well calibrated.  We hope to get the weight scale issue corrected monday.


6.) We may be in for some drastic dieting depending on what the weight really is.


We're in the midst of Crunch Time.....please be patient and wait for a task tocome your way.  Peace and quiet help the productivity in the shop more than anything.



Special Broadcast

Todd Lovelace

The Chief Geek will be out of town on family business this week.  The All Knowing Dave, All Telling Iz, and JO-EL will be operating the shop.


Please be sure to keep the confusion under a dull roar and be more considerate than usual - try to make suire thihngs go smoothly this week!  We're down to the line for buildingour BOT.....everyone work hard and smart! 


I hope to be back Saturday AM.



Saturday and Sunday (2-1-14 and 2-2-14)

Todd Lovelace

Hello All!   Things are moving along well.


For many days we have been making pieces-parts for many mechanisms on the Robot.  Saturday and Sunday we put a lot of stuff together and a whole lot of stuff is starting to fit together and the aluminum fram is starting to look a lot like a robot!


For the past few days we accomplished the following:


1.) Cut and fit Lexan plastic plate to mount the C-rio computer bboard, the power distribution board, the digital sidecar, and the Victor speed controller.


2.) Shop techs cut and drilled an aluminum plate for the little air compressor and mounted the air compressor to operate the pneumatics and fire the shooter.


3.) Jo-El located and tested a Banner optical sensor that will be used to sense when the ball is actuall trapped in the snorfler and moving up the conveyor.


4.) Shop techs cut and mill crew cut slots in aluminum plate for motor mounts for both the snorfler motor drives and gearboxes.


5.) Drilled and tapped the frame to install the Anderson battery connector.


6.) JoEl worked with shop techs to install pinion gears on the BaneBots motors and gearboxes, then soldered wires on the motors.


7.) Manufactured the pivots and clevis and clevis pins for the two pneumatic cylinders that raise and lower the snorfler bar.


8.) Manufactured two spare plates for the FIST OF DEATH.  Mill crew lightened the plates by boring round holes in the plates.


9.) The lathe crews turned down and fit sprockets for turning the snorfler rollers.


10.) Cut PVC pipe for conveyor rollers.  Cut PVC pipe caps into rings to make conveyor band retaining rings.


11.) Fabricated and installed the "tusks" that swing out and hold the ball up on the shooter fist.


12.) Tested the shooter with the new tusks. The shooter works great with the tusks.  We shot some high speed video of the shooter and you can see that the shooter hits the ball so hard that that one third of the ball is flat!


Bedtime for old geeks!!  TL CG

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