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10.29.14 00:50
While looking for a solution for something else, I found this video which might be useful for tooltime: https://www.youtub

10.26.14 16:07
Good morning Team Resistance Grin

10.25.14 22:21
I can't come to the meeting tomorrow. -Camila

10.25.14 06:24
I'm just going to share my excitement: The 3D printer I ordered came in today!

10.19.14 18:59
I will not be able to come to the meeting today.

10.19.14 18:08
Hi Guys Smile

10.19.14 00:39
Richa S, and Samantha K., you both volunteered to bring drinks tomorrow& idk why but I don't have your greencards. Please email me: team86dictators@gm

10.13.14 23:36
Sign up for union break!

10.13.14 23:33
Hope you feel better Andrea! Video got a new member and we are working on the planning aspect of Chairman's award.

10.13.14 04:32
@Todd, nope. I was actually meeting some of my schoolmates in person. Rare thing, and they were only available during the shop session. I hope it was a good session!

10.12.14 18:15
Andrea isnt feeling well so neither of us are going to be there

10.12.14 17:59
I will not be able to come to the meeting today.

10.12.14 02:32
Helen better not be going to a JagWire game during a training session....... Smile

10.11.14 16:24
I am probably not going to be able to attend tomorrow, though I will keep you posted if anything changes. I hope the shop session is great!

10.10.14 03:17
Union Break this Sunday: I have Sam L for Chips, the second person never talked with me so I do not have your name, Alexis-Cookies, Cecilia-Cookies, Yash Bhosale- Drinks, and Isabel S.-Drinks.

10.07.14 15:55
Yes Ma'am

10.06.14 00:17
Team Members, Please remember to dress appropriately for the shop! That means no tennis shoes or untucked shirts. This rules are set in place for your benefit. Be safe! Follow the rules!

10.04.14 20:05
Will do! Smile

10.03.14 15:31
Pls. Caitlyn redo my, and this time make me look GOOD!

10.01.14 02:44
This upcoming Sunday I be doing MUGSHOT make-ups and retakes, so please if you were not at Robotics last week, make sure you are there this week!!! Wink Thanks guys~

Elite Robots Wk #2

Jacob Plicque

Currently there are  6 robots with OPRs of 100 points or higher of the 1,000+ units to compete out of 2,732 for 2014.  Make it you business to watch them in a webcast.  Learn from seeing the best designs in action.  They are as follows:

     TEAM  OPR     Regional/District

1.  1114 159 pts Gr. Toronto East

2.  2485 110 pts San Diego

3.    987 109 pts San Diego

4.      33 103 pts Southfield

5.  3683 102 pts Gr. Toronto East

6.    359 100 pts N. Lights

In general scores are dropping in the games as defenses have improved in week #2.  The 90%ile robot has in week 2 dropped ~17% to 46 pts from the 55 pts of week 1.  Yet note a new maximum score of 420 points which is a major increase (~45%) over week one's 290 points. I believe this year Ohmer can be a top 10% unit with a 50 point or more average.


Todd Lovelace





Todd Lovelace

There will be a Button Pressing Party at Arjun's House (3880 Hartwood Ln Jacksonville, FL 32216) on this Saturday (3/8/14) from noon to 5:00pm. RSVP to Paul by Friday evening if you can come.

Button Pressin' and Robot Bashing and Watching is GREAT FUN!  Don't Miss It!


The meeting at JEA to have the entire Team viewing and buttons had to be cancelled due to Security scheduling issues.  See paragraph above!


*******  Mark McCombs still needs some help doing the robot demo at the Friendship Fountain Saturday AM. (Details in post below!)  (call 904-616-9869)


Ingenious members will schedule their day to get Super Easy CAS Hours in the morning and then have fun at the Button Pressing Party in the afternoon. Call Mark (904-616-9869)


A very small group of folks will be at JEA to watch the regional at 12:00.  I'm sorry we can't do it as a group.


Todd Lovelace




Community Service Hour Opportunity

Todd Lovelace

Hey Everyone!  


EASY Community Service Hours Opportunity





Mark McCombs is setting up OHMER 13 (the Whammo Jammo Frisbee Machine) for public display and show off session on THIS SATURDAY, March 8th at Friendship Fountain (Adjacent to MOSH) from 10am-4pm is the time we need to be on display.  We will need loadin and load out help with the robot and batteries, etc at Chaos Central on Saturday AM (08:30??)  Contact Mark ASAP to volunteer before all of the slots are filled!


There will also be a FIRST LEGO LEAGUE  show-off session at the same time/place.



Mark McCombs





Todd Lovelace



My post from yesterday disppeared when the TR website was moved from the old server to the new server this morning. Pardon me while I try to re-generate the message from memory.


A limited number of members (10 students plus mentors) will be allowed access to the JEA Auditorium this Saturday afternoon so that we may watch the Week 2 Regional Competitions.  TR traditionally watches the other regionals to pick up on what other teams are doing, what strategy works,and what strategy doesn't work.


We decided to do the viewing at JEA so we did not have to sit on the floor and watch a bedsheet at Chaos Central.


 If you wish to join in the viewing, you need to RSVP to me at  immediately so I can get your name on the security roster.  FIRST come FIRST serve.


Originally I had posted that we would meet as a team to view the regionals but due to my misunderstanding we do not have permission for the whole group (JEA Security manpower issues due to spur of the moment request, they have to internally prepare for additional parts of the building to be covered.)


Several people had viewed that posting before I could modify it, if you wish to join us please RSVP ASAP.





Rev-C HW Drive & Programming Teams

Jacob Plicque

Eleven regionals & Districts have produced surprising team scoring results in 891 games as follows:

            Winner   Loser

Max       290       181

90%ile    160        86

75%ile    126        65

50%ile     92         38

25%ile     62         21

10%ile     44         11

Playoff scores in 180 games is higher as follows:

               Winner   Loser

Max          190        125

90%ile      158         95

75%ile      126         72

50%ile        99         53

25%ile        76         31

A best in class robot will score over 100pts in 2014. Out of 471 teams playing this 1st week, Team 33 has an OPR of 103points.  The scoring drop off is steep by #47 on the list (90%ile) 55pts (typical). So drive team aim for 20pts auto, 20pts truss, 20pts assists, and 30pts teleop but remember to expect stiff ramming defense.

This weekend Feb 28th and March 1st there will be at least 3 11webcasts on Please take the time to look at the rounds and the playoffs. Take notes. Be prepared to discuss your findings on March 8th at JEA Chaos Central.

Robot Bagged and Tagged Successfully....

Todd Lovelace 8:08 PM on Tuesday Night....almost 4 hours ahead of schedule, with a robot that is ready to play out of the bag when we get to Orlando.  HUGE KUDOS and THANKS to the Programmos!


Congrats to all Team Resistance members..... we've done it again.  This time, for the very FIRST time in 18 years, OHMER is fully functional begfore making it to the competition.


Many thanks to all of the TR mentors, especially AK Dave, All Telling Izzzz, Jacob, Jo-El, and Jim, and Glenn, and...and... all the folks who spent every night for the past six weeks away from family thinking, plotting, planning, supervising, engineering, and holding their tongues when necessary.... all to support your education and inspiration.  And INSPIRING is a good word for this year's robot.....what a cool robot!


MOST ALL need to thank Saint Lisa for allowing everyone the run of Chaos Central with nary a complaint......she's a pretty special geek-ette herself!


And....don't forget to thank all of the parents that bent their lives around to make sure you got to come out and build robots........


KEEP AN EYE ON THE WEBSITE!  More news soon!


TL, Chief Geek, going to bed early.

Attention: No Shop Sessions Until Further Notice

Todd Lovelace

Please be very aware that we are finished building the robot.


There will be no further regularly scheduled shop sessions.


We WILL be having a viewing of the second week Regional Competitions NEXT Saturday (March 8th ~1pm) (the Saturday one two weeks and four days from now!) for the driving team and those who are interested in seeing what the other team's strategy and robots are. If you wish to join us, you must RSVP prior to the viewing so ai have a clue as to what kind of crowd to be prepared for.


We WILL be having a button making party soon, details to be published on the Website soon.


We WILL have one shop session next week sometime for one or two volunteers to make a couple of spare parts such as the tusks and a spare roller or two.


Please continue to read the website as things (upcoming regional competition and travel info, button party info., other important stuff you might need to know.....)


TL Chief Geek

Work Sessions

Shop NewsStudents should be aware that this is the night the robot is sealed in the FIRST bag.. So no more work sessions. Until next kickoff

Monday Afternoon in the Shop........

Todd Lovelace

Hello Robotogeeskters!


So sorry for the people that couldn't make the robot de-bug and practice sessions this Saturday and Sunday.  I can't say it any more succinctly: OHMER 14 kicks BOT!  We'll leave it at that just in case anyone is lurking.



Just to let everyone know: this afternoon AK Dave and Jo-EL and I (along with AT Izzzz) (and Helen Wheels) managed to accomplish the following:


1.) Helen and Izzzzz nearly completed the new OHAUL mini-cart.  The artwork is wonderful, looks great with all of the team member signatures.  If you missed the Sat/Sunmeetings you lost your chance to get yer name on the cart art. The Chief Geek spent a bit o' time cleaning the four Mechanum wheel drive transmissions, re-lubricating the


2.) AK Dave spent all afternoon (and part of the evening!) removing PVC rollers, cutting new rollers from Schedule 10 (thin wall) PVC pipe to replace the SChedule 40 (thick wall) PVC pipe.



One week ago OHMER sat on the scales at a chubby  (no, OBEAST!) 125.5 pounds.   With the following robot modifications in the past week we have accomplished the following Robot Weight Watchers activities:


1.) Swapped out the steel compressed air tank for a PVC plastic unit with twice the storage capacity (more FIST shots !) which saved 0.40 pounds....


2.) We replaced 4 CIM drive motors with 4 mini-CIM motors for a savings of 2.08 pounds total.  The new motors are slightly lower in power but as was evidenced on Sunday, the change-out was easily adapted to by the driver team!!


3.) We replaced two mini-CIM motors that were driving the Upper Snorfler conveyor belt (the one that reaches out and touches the ball!)  and the Lower Snorfler (the converyor built into the machine!) with smaller motors and lighter gearboxes. This swap-out saved us 2.34 pounds by itself, and I humbly thank Jacob the Weight Nazi for the idea - he had it waiting up his sleeve when we needed it.


***** THIS JUST IN FROM SAINT LISA!   Keep watching the website!  (dit dit dit dit dit !!)  Regional Travel Information  Keep watching the website!   Button making Party to be announded!  (dit dit dit dit!!)  Keep watching the website!  Regional Lunch ordering info coming so you don't have to wait for hours inline and pay exhorbitant prices for garbage food. (Dit dit dit dit dit!)  (Keep watching the website!) ******** back to our regularly scheduled program...........


4.) Using dieting technology from the past, we changed out the Upper and Lower Snorfler rollers with lightweight PVC Schedule 10 pipe and saved a total of 4.06 pounds.


After the OHAUS weigh scale calibration fiasco last week, we finally got a good calibration on the OHAUS scale (the heavy rascal that lives above the big lathe!). We used the resurrected Ohaus to calibrate the big steel blocks (that live on the welding bench) and checked the bathroom scale calibration.  The twin bath scales together read about a pound high....but we're pretending that they are dead on so we have a tiny safety factor in our weight.  


Tonight JoEL and AK Dave and I put the newly trimmed down OHMER 14 on the newly calibrated bath scales.  Cut to the chase: OHMER weighs in at 119.2 pounds without considering the fact that the scales read a little high. It took a solid week of engineering, thinking, sweating, rebuilding the wheel drive motors with new motors, replacing Snorfler motors with different motors and gearboxes, and completely re-building the Snorfler conveyors to lose six pounds.


TEAM RESISTANCE is ready to bag the robot and end another fabulous build season. wouldn't hurt to say THANKS to the mentors that have spent hundreds of hours this spring with you making sure that we have a top-notch robot competitor to take to the Regionals and KICK BOT!


Bedtime for old geeksters.   TL CG

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