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01.30.15 01:55
The Cheerios are meeting this Sunday at one to discuss cheer ideas for this year's competition. Come join us this Sunday! Smile

01.25.15 00:49
Tomorrow from 1-5 the Cheerios (the cheer team) are getting together to decide/plan/begin making plans for the Orlando Competition. We'd love to have you stop by. See ya tomorrow Smile

12.06.14 03:01
Sorry for my recent absence, but I will be unable to go again this Sunday. I have a performance for school and can't get out of it.

11.30.14 22:35

11.30.14 16:24
THERE IS A MEETING TODAY! I hope to see everyone there Smile <3

11.30.14 01:06
I believe that there is a meeting tomorrow.

11.30.14 00:49
Do we have a meeting tomorrow? I wasn't there last time so...

11.29.14 16:27
Stanton Students: We will be having Robotics club pictures on FRIDAY 5TH at 7:45-7:50 a.m. Please be there! Grin

11.23.14 14:28
I cant come today because of the uncertain weather. My mom doesn't want to drive over the Dames Point with the potential of severe storms.

11.20.14 18:48
Since 2004, the Underground Website have served almost 2 million unique visitors!

11.20.14 18:34
i have activated all of the new members' accounts! Newbies, please go ahead and login!

11.16.14 22:36
Team Alumni, please fill out this survey for the video team:

11.09.14 22:53
All Team Resistance Members, please fill out this form for the video team:

11.09.14 16:04
not coming today

11.09.14 14:17
Good Morning Jacksonville! Grin

11.02.14 18:04
i cant attend meeting sorry

11.02.14 03:31
I won't be able to attend tomorrow's meeting. Have fun, fellow nerds.

10.29.14 00:50
While looking for a solution for something else, I found this video which might be useful for tooltime: https://www.youtub

10.26.14 16:07
Good morning Team Resistance Grin

10.25.14 22:21
I can't come to the meeting tomorrow. -Camila

Statistics, OPR, etc Rev-A

Jacob Plicque

About a century ago, Mark Twain said," There are lies, dambable lies, and then there is statistics".  With two statistics known as "OPR" (offensive power rating) and "CCWM" (contribution to winning margin) one is able to predict a winning alliance in the playoffs roughly 95% (19 of 20 matches) of the time at Ft Lauderdale. In the elimination rounds it correctly predicted the winner 83% (78 of 94) of the time. These results are statistical data from a matrix analysis of match score contribution by each robot.   This is a useful tool to pick alliance members who give us a best change to win.  For example, five 28 to 39 OPR picks went unselected at South Florida while lesser bot were picked.  Scouting and OPR go hand in hand in building a winning alliance. Six weeks of data show OPR successly predict the elimination winner at about an 80% with a +/-9% rate and about 90% in the playoffs.  The Championship data for OPR predicted the winner in 775 games in the divisions and playoffs from a low of 79% in two divisions to a high of 90% in the 4 team final. 


Jacob Plicque

Team 86 finished in 2nd place on a tie breaker (11W-1L) at the FIRST Robotics - South Florida Regional. In the playoffs, we finished 3rd after being knocked over on an uncalled penalty. Our overall ranking for offense (OPR) is 148th of 2,729 robots at 74.6 points or the 95%ile level. Our overall ranking for win margin (CCWM) is 98th of 2,729 robots at 80.8 points or the 96%ile level. This is Team Resistance’s highest ranking since Ed Law began publishing data in 2009. Additionally, the team received the regional “Engineering Excellence” trophy. You students produced an outstanding unit in Todd’s garage which competed admirably against teams with more resources. The earlier problems of burnt out electronics/controls at the Orlando regional were not repeated this time. Congratulations on producing our best robot in 8 years (2006 - Aim High - Poof Shooter) which was the last time Team 86 had a top 150 unit. An average robot in 2014 scored ~25 pts while an above average (75%ile) bot scored ~43 pts. It is great to be able to state that Team Resistance made a superior robot in 2014. Set your goals even higher for next year in order to produce a 99%ile (spectacular 100+ pt) robot.

Ft. Lauderdale Specifics and Repetitions

FIRST South Florida Regional

Location: Greater Ft. Lauderdale/ Broward County Convention Center

              1950 Eisenhower Blvd.


Hotel: Embassy Suites

          1100 SE 17th St.

          Ft. Lauderdale, FL  33316


Bus People:

        Thursday 3 April 2014 Departure

        Southside United Methodist Church

        3120 Hendricks Ave.   32207

        Turn in beside JD Roberts Jewelery from Hendricks Ave.

        5:00 pm  Be there!!!

              Have all forms listed in previous post that you have not yet turned in. No forms = No bus ride

              EAT BEFORE YOU food allowed on bus


        Saturday 5 April 2014 Return

        Last day of competition/ Closing Ceremonies

        Leave from hotel and return to Southside United Methodist Church 11:45pm


Contact numbers given to parental units upon arrival at bus loading. See Lisa.


Reminder lunch order is due to Mr. Bailey by 5:00pm Wednsday. Didn't get the list? Email Lisa @ [email protected] and she'll send you the menu if you do not wait until 4:oopm Wednesday. :-)


READ previous post AGAIN to double check all of your items!


See you in Ft. Lauderdale!!



Ft Lauderdale Info Broadcast

Todd Lovelace

Team Resistance Student Guidance

South Florida Regional – Ft Lauderdale

April 3-5, 2014



From Mr. Bailey....the TITAN of Travel!


We will be competing again in the South Florida Regional! Our generous sponsors have made it possible for our entire team to attend by chartering a bus for us. We will meet Thursday April 3rd, 5pm at the Southside United Methodist Church, 3120 Hendricks Avenue, 32207. Do not be late! The bus will depart promptly at 5:30pm!


What you need to do:


Complete the Team Resistance registration form:


Complete DCPS permission form.


Complete DCPS Medical Release form - MUST BE SIGNED BY NOTARY!


Complete FIRST Media Release Form. [Link To The Form] Yes, must be completed again if you went to Orlando.


Pack items:

  • Team shirts.
  • Change of clothes
  • OLD pillow case and towel to protect hotel linens after you dye your hair green!
  • Toiletries
  • Sleep attire
  • $25 for team meals
  • $15-20 for Friday dinner
  • Gizmos and chargers for bus know....slide rules, testbook, etc.


Show up on time!


5pm, April 3rd. We meet at Southside United Church, 3120 Hendricks Ave.





Breakfasts are included in hotel stay. 


  • Team meals will be arranged Friday lunch, Saturday lunch, and Saturday dinner. Team Meals will be $25 total per person.


  • Friday dinner will be self paid by each member. Assume  $15-25 dollars for dinner.


  • Total food cost should be $40-50 for team members


                                     Check the website daily for updates!



Room cost and bus fare for student team members is paid by Team Resistance.


Family members accompanying must pay ½ room cost ($230 check to Team Resistance or cash)


Get picked up: 11:45pm, April 5th. Southside United Church, 3120 Hendricks Ave. Make sure your Parental Units know this tiny, salient detail!

* Bus ride tips*  (it is considered polite to tip the bus driver.....TL)

* Pillow and blanket

* Motion sickness medicine

* Magazines, laptop, iPad, etc.

* Snacks, ***NO GUM***, bottled drinks with screw cap - ***NO CANS***



Trip coordinators:

* John Bailey Cell: 904-626-4415

* Mrs. Stevens: 904-445-7751


Orlando Regional

Todd Lovelace

WOW. What a rollercoaster weekend!


We got there with a perfectly functional robot.


On Thursday we found that the game field officials had overinflated the balls and at least 8 teams could not play or had trouble playing due to balls not working in their mechanisms.  After much ado we somehow got the officials to make the balls match the game rule specs....after modifying our machine to make it work as well as we could with oversized balls.  This machine modification caused us to miss all of our practice rounds.


On Friday we had the robot ready to run.  We took OHMER out to the field and proudly placed him in position for a single ball autonomous run. When the power switch was closed, smoke gods began to escape.  Turns out that the new battery has its Anderson power pole connector wired backwards. The resulting smoke damage included the 12-volt-to-5-volt power converter, at least one C-Rio plug in card and plug-in module, and the Wireless Router.


Robert (and Blake?) ran down the street to the parking lot a couple of times to get replacement pieces-parts off of the mechanum wheel prototype stashed in the trailer. By the end of the fourth round we had OHMER patched up and began to make up for lost time in the fifth round.


At the end of the day, despite having one alliance member that just held onto the ball, we had climbed up the ranking ladder from ~55th palce to to #30 by the end of the Qualification rounds.   With such a horrible start, it was no surprise that we did not get chosen for the Elimnination Tournament.


Despite all of the trials and tribulations, OHMER and the Drive Team did very well once the bugs were fixed. You can see this for yourself on the online videos from the Orlando Regional Website.


The game play was extremely rough at the Orlando Regional. Robert and Frank commented that we would be better prepared for such shennanigans if we had the big CIM motors back on the drive system. When we left Orlando, we took the drive motor-gearbox-wheel assemblies off (per the rules) and will disassemble and clean them here at Chaos Central. We will replace the steel wheel drive shafts with aluminum shafts with hexagon cross-section and replace the wheel hubs with hexagon-hole wheel hubs. This will allow us to quit worrying about the setcscrews holding the keys and wheels on the shafts properly while simultaneously dropping one entire pound from the robot weight. We will re-assemble the gearboxes with the big CIM motors and lighter-weight parts.


Hopefully everyone will be signing up for the Ft Lauderdale Regional coming up in two weeks.  There will be a new post here on the website soon with full info on the trip.  PAY ATTENTION!





2014 Penalties & Game Scores

Jacob Plicque

The referees this are racking up the penalities. Basically the average game score is inflated ~34.2 points or roughly 6 points per team. This is a significant impact since the 50%ile score is 21.2 OPR  unadjusted for penalties. 70% of the games has the potential final score skewed by a 20-50 penalty.


Todd Lovelace



If you ordered additional tee shirts for family members, they will be $7.00 each.  Bring exact cash or a check (Payable to TEAM RESISTANCE Inc. for extra shirts, please.

TEAM LUNCHES at Orlando Regionals

Todd Lovelace



The standard lunch situation at the Orlando Regional is usually crowded and hurried and pretty much inhales audibly. This year plan for it to be much worse because unlike previous years at UCF, we were there during spring break and the normal resident students were mostly absent. Lunch was slow and crowded then.  This year our competition is not during spring break so it will be ever-so-much-more-so crowded and slow.


To alleviate having to participate in a 5000-student-lunch-hour in just four local sandwich shops,


Mr. Bailey is coordinating student lunches from outside. YOU NEED TO copy, paste, fill out, and email-forward the following instruction form with your desires.



This has proven in the past the fastest, cheapest, and most likely method to get you fed and back into the stands before the post-lunch competition begins!   Make sure you have cash in hand!




Team 86   Lunch –


Friday, March 14, 2014  Please choose one of the below menu items and respond back to John Bailey at [email protected] no later than Tuesday March 11. Cost is $10, includes: sandwich or salad, chips, drink, and desert.



Cafe Sandwiches  On freshly baked bread and served with a pickle spear and chips.  CHOOSE ONE!!


Smoked Turkey Breast

99% fat-free smoked turkey breast, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and salt and pepper, served on Country Bread.


Smoked Ham & Swiss

96% fat-free smoked ham, swiss, leaf lettuce, tomatoes and red onions with salt and pepper, all served Stone-milled Rye Bread


Asiago Steak

Seared steak, smoked cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and horseradish sauce on Asiago Cheese Demi.


Mediterranean Veggie

Zesty Peppadew™ piquant peppers, feta cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cilantro Jalapeño hummus on our Tomato Basil bread.


Tuna Salad

Our special recipe tuna salad, leaf lettuce, tomatoes and red onions with salt and pepper, all served on your favorite sandwich bread.


Classic Salad

Mixed field greens & romaine lettuce topped with vine-ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions & our reduced fat balsamic vinaigrette.


Greek Salad

Romaine lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes, feta cheese, peperoncini, red onions, Kalamata olives, pepper & our Greek dressing.


*Mayo and Mustard packets, as well as salad dressings will be on the side



Saturday March 15, 2014:  PIZZA!   Really GOOD Pizza!



Thanks to the generosity and long term FIRST support of the Bolling Family (two kids on TR plus a cousin team in Orlando!) ......Anthony's pizza for only 3.00 per person....but you MUST SIGN UP with Mr. Bailey!


Respond back to Mr. Bailey ASAP! so he can get everything set up! Don't wait until TUESDAY to act.




Elite Robots Wk #2

Jacob Plicque

Currently there are  6 robots with OPRs of 100 points or higher of the 1,000+ units to compete out of 2,732 for 2014.  Make it you business to watch them in a webcast.  Learn from seeing the best designs in action.  They are as follows:

     TEAM  OPR     Regional/District

1.  1114 159 pts Gr. Toronto East

2.  2485 110 pts San Diego

3.    987 109 pts San Diego

4.      33 103 pts Southfield

5.  3683 102 pts Gr. Toronto East

6.    359 100 pts N. Lights

In general scores are dropping in the games as defenses have improved in week #2.  The 90%ile robot has in week 2 dropped ~17% to 46 pts from the 55 pts of week 1.  Yet note a new maximum score of 420 points which is a major increase (~45%) over week one's 290 points. I believe this year Ohmer can be a top 10% unit with a 50 point or more average.


Todd Lovelace





Todd Lovelace

There will be a Button Pressing Party at Arjun's House (3880 Hartwood Ln Jacksonville, FL 32216) on this Saturday (3/8/14) from noon to 5:00pm. RSVP to Paul by Friday evening if you can come.

Button Pressin' and Robot Bashing and Watching is GREAT FUN!  Don't Miss It!


The meeting at JEA to have the entire Team viewing and buttons had to be cancelled due to Security scheduling issues.  See paragraph above!


*******  Mark McCombs still needs some help doing the robot demo at the Friendship Fountain Saturday AM. (Details in post below!)  (call 904-616-9869)


Ingenious members will schedule their day to get Super Easy CAS Hours in the morning and then have fun at the Button Pressing Party in the afternoon. Call Mark (904-616-9869)


A very small group of folks will be at JEA to watch the regional at 12:00.  I'm sorry we can't do it as a group.

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