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10.19.14 18:59
I will not be able to come to the meeting today.

10.19.14 18:08
Hi Guys Smile

10.19.14 00:39
Richa S, and Samantha K., you both volunteered to bring drinks tomorrow& idk why but I don't have your greencards. Please email me: team86dictators@gm

10.13.14 23:36
Sign up for union break!

10.13.14 23:33
Hope you feel better Andrea! Video got a new member and we are working on the planning aspect of Chairman's award.

10.13.14 04:32
@Todd, nope. I was actually meeting some of my schoolmates in person. Rare thing, and they were only available during the shop session. I hope it was a good session!

10.12.14 18:15
Andrea isnt feeling well so neither of us are going to be there

10.12.14 17:59
I will not be able to come to the meeting today.

10.12.14 02:32
Helen better not be going to a JagWire game during a training session....... Smile

10.11.14 16:24
I am probably not going to be able to attend tomorrow, though I will keep you posted if anything changes. I hope the shop session is great!

10.10.14 03:17
Union Break this Sunday: I have Sam L for Chips, the second person never talked with me so I do not have your name, Alexis-Cookies, Cecilia-Cookies, Yash Bhosale- Drinks, and Isabel S.-Drinks.

10.07.14 15:55
Yes Ma'am

10.06.14 00:17
Team Members, Please remember to dress appropriately for the shop! That means no tennis shoes or untucked shirts. This rules are set in place for your benefit. Be safe! Follow the rules!

10.04.14 20:05
Will do! Smile

10.03.14 15:31
Pls. Caitlyn redo my, and this time make me look GOOD!

10.01.14 02:44
This upcoming Sunday I be doing MUGSHOT make-ups and retakes, so please if you were not at Robotics last week, make sure you are there this week!!! Wink Thanks guys~

09.28.14 21:33
R.K.!!!!! Bring chips for Union Break next Sunday! Marin says brings the chips OR DIE!!!!!! See ya next week Smile

09.28.14 17:18
For Autodesk/Maya installs: http://www.teamre...1#

09.26.14 03:41
Hey does anyone live in the Avondale/Riverside
area and would be willing to give Miles Every a ride back home after this Sunday's meeting? Email kennethevery@gmail
.com or call (904) 327-2359

09.21.14 14:34
Hey I wont be able to come for the next two meetings because of sat class but I still keep you guys in my heart Grin


Todd Lovelace

Attention all NEWBS!


Saint Lisa is arranging a meeting for NEXT SUNDAY (10-19-14) to introduce NEWB Parental Units to TEAM RESISTANCE.  It will outline who we are, what we will be doing throughout the year, and all kinds of things that only Parental Units want to hear about.....


Please verbally inform your Parental Units (in some manner other than a surly grunt, mumble, or defiant stare!) to look at the Underground Website late this weekend.  Details and a short agenda will be available.


Parental Units that are already sneaking peeks at the website when the student is not around (EXCELLENT!!) be advised that we have technical and non-technical things that occasionally need to be done and we'd love to have your input and assistance. We also welcome your presence around Chaos Central, at all dog-an-pony-shows, robot build sessions, and on our competition trips.......despite what Junior might have insinuated.


Saint Lisa, myself, and all of the Adult Mentors look forward to meeting you soon!


Todd Lovelace, Chief Geek, TEAM RESISTANCE

Sunday (9-28-14) Shop Session a Success!

Todd Lovelace

Hello Robotgeeksters! Just a quick note about the latest Shop Session!

We got a pile of things accomplished this past week and weekend:


1.) The MEGA-SHELF was installed above the milling machine this past week by Sam and Robert and myself. It has seven (count 'em!) shop-student-build aluminum support brackets, each of which will allow me to hang my inestimable bulk without collapsing. The 10-foot long shelf has SEVEN of these supports bolted into wall studs and the 3/4" thick plywod the MEGA-SHELF should be able to hold at least 1800+ pounds of Robot Stuff overhead without fear of the shelf crashing down.


The MEGA-SHELF is already populated with robot bins full of heavy robot stuff that was piled up all over the shop. The purpose of the MEGA-SHELF was to make more room for people to safely make their way through the CHAOS CENTRAL shop area.


2.) The newest machine added to the CHAOS CENTRAL shop is the 10HP, 13" swing Clausing lathe. It was initially donated to TR by JnJ VISTAKON, delivered and set down in Fall 2010. Since it is a European lathe, a suitable power supply had to be designed and built. JnJ delivered the 3000++ machine to CHAOS CENTRAL and set it down on the driveway. We used a Bobcat excavator to carry the lathe around back to the shop and set it on the pipe rollers on which it has resided for a long time.


It took a couple of years of on-and-off work to to get the electricals of the lathe rewired and a 15HP rotary converter built. (This device takes regular single-phase house-current electricity and turns it into gobs of 240-volt three-phase electric power, then steps the 240 volts up to 415-volt three-phase power. The Variable Frequency Drive is the electronic speed control for the spindle drive motor. Sound complicated? It was! That's why it took so long.


Yesterday (Sunday) we used ancient Egyptial technology (a long pry-bar and blocks) to set the lathe off of the pipe "rollers" that it has been sitting on since 2010 and set it on the floor. This week I plan to use a Starret Precision level to set the lathe bed level......this is necessary to ensure that the lathe maintains the precision level that it was designed to meet.


3.) Thanks largely to the self-proclaimed Mill Meister (Evan), all of the gearboxes that drive the various functions of our Cincinatti vertical mill were checked and refilled with oil as needed.


4.) Team Alumnus Nick put a handful of Newbs through an introduction to operating the Clausing Engine Lathe.


5.) TIG Welders Sam and Blake completed welding up an aluminum rack that will safetly stack and trasnpower


6.) Yesterday marked the beginning of Ruler Training and Testing 2014. Quite a few students passed their ruler test the FIRST time. HOORAY! Others were not so lucky. (HINT: Practicing with a tape measure under supervision of an adult AT HOME might help ensure that you don't have to do this but ONE MORE TIME!!


7.) Vertical Bandsaw Training was led by the All-Knowing Dave. Every Newb was given an almost-new 4" x 5" rectangle of plywood and a template which contained straight lines, a big curve, right angles, and an angle to trace onto their rectangle. Then the plywood was cut out along the traced lines to allow the Newb to learn how to use the saw and to give an oppoprtunity to practice on the saw under supervision.


8.) Co-Dictators Caitlyn and Marin set up a Mug Shot line so that all members, young and old, could have a photo taken so we can print up a Hey-You Poster. The purpose for the Hey-You poster is to help ALL OF US...YOU TOO! to learn all of the other team member we don't have to go "HEY YOU" all the time!


9.) Mr Jim had a small but adoing group of Programmo Newbs (and of course, Frank!) working inside to get knowlegable about the robot control system.


10.) Another group of folks began working to learn AutoDesk Inventor, our solids modeling package.


Todd Lovelace

Tonight's Top Story: 


Generalissimo Francesco Franco is STILL DEAD!


Other News Stories:   TEAM RESISTANCE is officially registered for the 2015 FIRST Robotics Competition Orlando Regional.




In other news, TEAM RESISTANCE members get in a little off-season fun by paddling the Nantahala River after local rains added considerable additional water to the already fun ride.  Despite the efforts of the river gods, all members returned intact, ready for another season designing and building super-awesome robots.






Main Images: nantahala_falls_2014.jpg


                     SIGN IN WHEN YOU READ THE WEBSITE!    TL, Chief Geek!














We Didn't Have Any Fun on Our Summer Vacation!!

Todd Lovelace

Main Images: lisa_flying_edited.jpg


Lisa Flying:  Heading up to our fave remote camping site.  The Land Rover climbed numerous hills

and swam through numerous holes.  Note the right front tire is off the ground at about 1 MPH. 

Saint Lisa is driving.                      Sam Lovelace, photographer

The Fun Starts This Sunday!!

Todd Lovelace

Hello Fellow Robotogeeksters and Robotogeekster-ettes!  Hello Newbs and Elders!  Hello Parental Units!


Thanks to all for coming to Chaos Central this past Sunday! 


As always, I did way too much talking but there was a lot to talk about.


This week we'll begin with everyone working out in the shop....lots to do!


Job 1: Making sure the Newbs can read a tape measure and/or ruler! 


Elder students no longer have to take the ruler trade for this dispensation you each had better be capable of reading the ruler/tape when called upon to do so.


Let's just understand that passing the basic tests are a requirement for being part of the Team come January. (Last year we had a couple of members that couldn't read a ruler during build season......the All-Telling Iz will help make sure that this doesn't happen again!


If you are a Newbie (by the way, this is a positive term, not a slam!!) please be aware that the Ruler Test consists of measuring reading ten out of ten objects with substantial accuracy (100%).  No partial credit. You have to be able to measure  accurately. Period. Aluminum is expensive, we can't afford to waste it. The Ruler Test is the first hurdle to being an Official Card Carrying TEAM RESISTANCE geekster.  If you haven't handled a ruler or tape measure lately, it would be wise to have Mom or Dad or Uncle or whoever give you some refresher training. Learn to read the mesure to the nearest 1/16".  Save yourself an afternoon of Ruler Testing so you can advance to Fun Shop Stuff.


Job 2: Teaching Newbs how to run the vertical bandsaw.  Every Newb will have the opportunity to nicely, neatly sketch their initial (First name, last name, I don't care too much!) on a 4" x 5" piece of plywood. Each Newb will then carefully and artfully cut their initial out using the bandsaw....serious points will be deducted for damaging or removing human skin.


Just kidding, special bandsaw training will precede the exercise.


Job 3: Elder (returning members) will have a variety of jobs to work on. There is plenty of welding work to do....and I have several Big Lathe jobs and milling machine jobs to entertain Elders and to "Teach Newbs by Absorption".


SAFETY SHOP CLOTHES:   Remember, the Todd Clothes lurk in a dirty corner of the shop. Wear a 100% COTTON tee shirt (no exceptions) and COTTON BLUE JEANS (no exceptions) and LEATHER WORK SHOES (no exceptions).  Safety is Priority Number 1.


Sign In Sheet:  As soon as you enter CHAOS CENTRAL, before you walk out to the shop, sign into the log sheet using neat, legible handwriting.  Your competition trip travel and room subsidy and other things depend on me being able to recognize your entry .......  no legible entry, you're not here, no money goes into the travel expense kitty for you. (Too bad, so sad, follow instructions). 


The adult mentor team is psyched up to have a Championship Year.  Come have a blast with us!


Todd Lovelace, Chief Geek, TEAM RESISTANCE



FIRST Meeting for New Members (Newbs!) SUNDAY 9-21-14

Todd Lovelace

Hello Fellow Robotgeeksters and Newbs!


Welcome to Chaos Central, the place where all of the cool robotics kids hang out!


Sunday 9-21-14 is the FIRST day for the new members to come to Chaos Central and get intorduced to the other team members and the Adult Mentors.


Chaos Central is my home workshop where the robot designing, building and programming is done.  


This Sunday from 1:00 to 5:00 we'll do introductions, show some videos, tell everyone what's going to happen this year. We'll discuss safety and proper clothing, the competition trips we plan to take this year, get a tour of the shop, and a whole lot of important stuff.


You are welcome to bring parents along so they get to meet the team leaders.


Snacks and drinks will be served for Union Break at 3:00.


If your parents are dropping you off please ask the to pick you up at 5:00 PM sharp.


Important Stuff:


Chaos Central is at 3751 Via de la Reina,  32217.   We are near corner of St Augustine Road and San Jose Blve, close to the Bolles School.  Via De La Reina is the street BEHIND the San Jose County Club. You will be able to see a white Toyota Tundra pickup truck in the yard and a grey-green Land Rover Discovery in the driveway.  If you get lost please call 338-1107 - Saint Lisa's cell phone.


Please park considerately and don't block any neighbor's driveways.


Looking forward to meeting everyone and getting a new robot competition year kicked off!


Todd Lovelace, Lead Adult Mentor, the "Chief Geek"


FIRST Meeting This TODAY!

Todd Lovelace

Hello Fellow Robotgeeksters and Robotogeekster-ettes!



Don't fergit to wear old clothes and SHOP CLOTHES and be ready to have some fun!


UNION BREAK will be served at 3:00 PM.



Lots to talk about!     TL CG



Seeya at 1:00 PM!


Todd Lovelace


It's been a while since I've updated the website.....I'm just now recovered
from the 2014

FIRST Competition Year! When you get as old as I am it takes a while to recover

after running full throttle for eight months of the year.

It's time to get the 2015 FIRST Competition Year started! As usual, our
FIRST activity

will be the CLUB FAIR at Stanton College Prep School. This will occur on

Tuesday September 9th at lunch time. Stop by and visit us - we'll have OHMER

14...."the FIST of DEATH!" in active display running amok and

havoc and attracting attention to the Team.

Our FIRST meeting at CHAOS CENTRAL, the TEAM RESISTANCE workshop will be on
Sunday afternoon, September 14th from 1-5 pm......same robot time, same robot channel!
It is our intention to have only the Elder (returning) team members to join us
on the FIRST meeting session. We have a lot of things to talk about and a lot
of things to accomplish. The adult
mentors have been discussing doing a few things differently this year in order
to improve the performance of the team.

We will invite the Newbie members that we collect at the Club Fair meeting
on Sunday, September 21st. In the meantime we have a lot to talk about and to
take care of in getting jump started for the 19th year of TEAM RESISTANCE!

Iím getting EXCITED! See all of you
Elder Geeksters on Sunday, September 14th at CHAOS CENTRAL.

Todd Lovelace, Chief Geek




Todd Lovelace



It's been a while since I've updated the website.....I'm just now recovered from the 2014
FIRST Competition Year! When you get as old as I am it takes a while to recover
after running full thottle for eight months of the year.


It's time to get the 2015 FIRST Competition Year started! As usual, our FIRST acitvity
will be the CLUB FAIR at Stanton College Prep School. This will occur on
Tuesday September 9th at lunch time. Stop by and visit us - we'll have OHMER
14...."the FIST of DEATH!" in active display runing amok and creaing
havoc and attracting attention to the Team.


Our FIRST meeting at CHAOS CENTRAL, the TEAM RESISTANCE workshop will be on Sunday
afternoon, September 15th from 1-5 pm......same robot tinme, same robot


Rev-A Florida District Play 2016?!#

Jacob Plicque

Indiana is 2015s newest distrct. However, it is a 63 team district which is much less than the current 120-150 member districts.  Florida has ~90 teams state wide with ~70 teams in central and south Florida. The smaller model makes our area next on the district list for 2016/17 once the Indiana experiment is debugged and worked out. The Indiana format will have 3 district competitions of 35 robots (teams must attend at least 2), top 36 points team attend the district championship, and the top 10-12 teams go to the international championship in St Louis.     

Great Photo of the Team for the Team Award!

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