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01.30.15 01:55
The Cheerios are meeting this Sunday at one to discuss cheer ideas for this year's competition. Come join us this Sunday! Smile

01.25.15 00:49
Tomorrow from 1-5 the Cheerios (the cheer team) are getting together to decide/plan/begin making plans for the Orlando Competition. We'd love to have you stop by. See ya tomorrow Smile

12.06.14 03:01
Sorry for my recent absence, but I will be unable to go again this Sunday. I have a performance for school and can't get out of it.

11.30.14 22:35

11.30.14 16:24
THERE IS A MEETING TODAY! I hope to see everyone there Smile <3

11.30.14 01:06
I believe that there is a meeting tomorrow.

11.30.14 00:49
Do we have a meeting tomorrow? I wasn't there last time so...

11.29.14 16:27
Stanton Students: We will be having Robotics club pictures on FRIDAY 5TH at 7:45-7:50 a.m. Please be there! Grin

11.23.14 14:28
I cant come today because of the uncertain weather. My mom doesn't want to drive over the Dames Point with the potential of severe storms.

11.20.14 18:48
Since 2004, the Underground Website have served almost 2 million unique visitors!

11.20.14 18:34
i have activated all of the new members' accounts! Newbies, please go ahead and login!

11.16.14 22:36
Team Alumni, please fill out this survey for the video team:

11.09.14 22:53
All Team Resistance Members, please fill out this form for the video team:

11.09.14 16:04
not coming today

11.09.14 14:17
Good Morning Jacksonville! Grin

11.02.14 18:04
i cant attend meeting sorry

11.02.14 03:31
I won't be able to attend tomorrow's meeting. Have fun, fellow nerds.

10.29.14 00:50
While looking for a solution for something else, I found this video which might be useful for tooltime: https://www.youtub

10.26.14 16:07
Good morning Team Resistance Grin

10.25.14 22:21
I can't come to the meeting tomorrow. -Camila

1st Kickoff- JEA

Jacob Plicque

Saturday, Jan 3rd, Team Resistance will watch the FIRST kickoff at the JEA, 21 W Church St.  The building is downtown on the corner of Main St & Church St.  Sign in will start at 10am with JEA Security in the JEA Tower (19th story office).  The mentors will escort students ot the JEA Auditorium in the Customer Center on the 4th floor.

TEAM RESISTANCE Supports FTC Qualifying Tournament

Todd Lovelace


TEAM RESISTANCE was quite busy this past weekend supporting the FIRST TECH Challenge Qualification Match and the FIRST LEGO League Qualification Matches.


THANKS! to all of the Alumni and Alumni Parents that always come through when we need help!!!




Main Images: ftc_line_up.jpg



Main Images: frank_and_mark_web.jpg




Main Images: ftc_competition_round_web.jpg



Don't forget that if you need Community Service hours, this is a quick and fun way to get them.....without having to clean bedpans!



ToolTime Powerpoint Presenttion

Todd Lovelace

Hello Geeksters!


I just reviewed the Paul Tattletale Spreadsheet which reports who has done the initial Tooltime Powerpoint.


After 3 weeks, just about 50% of the geeks have taken the MANDATORY ToolTime Test.  Some will get to re-take the test.  mI want to see 100% on the Tooltime Test.....the answers are right in front of you. 


Remember this also goes into the Black Book excel spreadsheet.  Those who wish to be building a robot and on the TEAM come Jan 1 best get moving.



TEAM RESISTANCE SURVEY - See Shout Box to Right.... ====>

Todd Lovelace

All team members and alumni:


Dictator Caitlin is requesting a few minutes of your time to fill out a short survey.


Please respond in a straightforward, thoughtful helpful manner, in full sentences, using real grammar, and seriousness.


Do not blow thru it in a hurry, it is being done for a very good reason.


BTW, present student members will be graded on this task....and the mark of course goies into the Chief Geek's All-Important Black Book Excel Spreadsheet. 


(By the way, did you do the TOOL TIME powerpoint yet?)




Todd Lovelace

If you pay close attention in this world you'll find FIRST team folks helping other FIRST teams.


This past weekend TEAM RESISTANCE geeks, both new and old, volunteered their services at the FIRST LEGO League Prequalification event at Susie Tolbert Elementary school. 


All FIRST Events are staffed by volunteers like yourself. Without your volunteer hours these events will not happen.


By the way, while these student members were volunteering they were fulfilling some of their CAS hour requirements for community service.   JUST SAYIN'......




Main Images: dictatorial_power.jpg


Marin the Dictator benevolently supervised with playing field reset between matches.



Main Images: sam_checks_robots.jpg


Samuel went over a checklist to ensure LEGO Robots were all in specification.




Main Images: phillip_helps_reset.jpg


Phillip Riley, TEAM RESISTANCE Alumni and presently a UF Engineering School senior, was on hand to assist with programming issues and to help with setup of the playing field.


Everyone had a great day, a lot of fun, and did a great service to their community as volunteers.



Many Thanks to the Adult Mentors!.......

Todd Lovelace

....and all of the team members that worked together this past Sunday to make the afternoon a success.


It appears that due to the teamwork between adults and students a lot of good stuff got done in my absence.


My apologies again to all for having to leave on short notice but like I tell everyone involved with TEAM RESISTANCE:


"Family First!"


Hope to see everyone Sunday afternoon at the same Robot Time, Same Robot Channel!




Todd Lovelace

Hello All!


I am making an unexpected trip to NC with my mom to assist with an elderly uncle that had unexpected hip replacement surgery today.


Despite my likely absence on Sunday afternoon, there is a complete, full agenda and lists of tasks to do and instructions to follow.  There are new machine exercises for the newbs , and plenty of lathe, mill,and welding work lined up and with instructions. There is a new job for the Inventos and Jacob has an entire claw mechanism sketched out on paper to put into solidworks.


Please be extra careful around the shop while I am gone......and most importantly listen to the adult mentors carefully. If you have a question about what you are doing, stop and ask a mentor!


I have put out an APB for all the usual adult mentors so we should have plenty of supervision and instruction.


Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!  Someone eat a cookie for me at Union Break!!



Cold Weather Day at Chaos Central

Todd Lovelace

Attention RobotoGeeks!


According to the TEAM RESISTANCE thermo-meter it is COOL out in the shop.


Remember that tight fitting sweatshirt with the too-short sleeves we've been discussing for eight weeks?


You might need it today....... 'specially you skinny types that get cold easily.


I wore my sweatshirt in the shop much of the day Saturday because of the cool temps and the wind factor. The weather report predicts 8-10 mph winds all afternoon.....and you can't wear a windbreaker etc at the shop session for safety hazard reasons.


You might consider wearing two tight fitting tee shirts if you're the thin-skinned, get-cold-easily type.


Just sayin'.......



TOOL TIME! Powerpoint Lesson and Quiz

Todd Lovelace

Hello Newbs and Elder Geeksters!


As discussed at the past Sunday Meeting ... (You WERE at the Sunday meeting, right?!!)..... I have generated a lesson for hand tools used at Chaos Central. Safe use of hand tools begins with familiarization and knowing the proper use for each tool.


Each slide shows a picture of a tool, describes the tool and its purpose, and a lot of times shows the tool in proper use.  There is some tongue in cheek humor lying in wait for you also.....if you're paying attention.




Here is the link to the powerpoint presentation......credited to the Chief Geek.  {By the way, other FIRST teams are welcome to steal and use the presentation for their team if they would simply be kind enough to give TEAM RESISTANCE the credit for it's inception. Just leave in the team logo!}



Open the Powerpoint from the link and view the Powerpoint CAREFULLY.


Then click on the following link to take the QUIZ.  (Thanks to Paul the Web Geekster and Co.)  Use the ToolTime presentation when you take the test.  The quiz will tell me who has read and studied ToolTime! 


Quiz results go into the same Giganto Spreadsheet that tallies  all of the other grades....along with the workshop grades and the ruler test and caliper test grades.   The quiz is computer graded and I get the grades automatically.....buwahahahaha!


After a few weeks to study Tool Time and learn the tool names and uses there will be a TEST (again online). This one is for-real. A minimum grade of 90% will be required. If you can't make a passing score on an open book test based on pictures you need to join the chess club!  We will do some more ToolTime in the shop each week to help get you up to Tool Speed!  If you have questions, ASK!



So get with it......


Gentlemen (and ladies) start your ToolTimes!




Union Break Schedule Link Available

Todd Lovelace


From Dicator Caitlyn:  Please take note.....
"I have posted union break link on there so that people can sign up and check the union break schedule without me having to track them down or vice versa. I would appreciate it if you would post the link in your announcement box.


Please check the link to determine your Union Break Responsibility.


From Caitlyn via the Chief Geek     


Todd Lovelace

Attention all NEWBS!


Saint Lisa is arranging a meeting for NEXT SUNDAY (10-19-14) to introduce NEWB Parental Units to TEAM RESISTANCE.  It will outline who we are, what we will be doing throughout the year, and all kinds of things that only Parental Units want to hear about.....


Please verbally inform your Parental Units (in some manner other than a surly grunt, mumble, or defiant stare!) to look at the Underground Website late this weekend.  Details and a short agenda will be available.


Parental Units that are already sneaking peeks at the website when the student is not around (EXCELLENT!!) be advised that we have technical and non-technical things that occasionally need to be done and we'd love to have your input and assistance. We also welcome your presence around Chaos Central, at all dog-an-pony-shows, robot build sessions, and on our competition trips.......despite what Junior might have insinuated.


Saint Lisa, myself, and all of the Adult Mentors look forward to meeting you soon!


Todd Lovelace, Chief Geek, TEAM RESISTANCE

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